November 24, 2010

My Cookbook

Yesterday my sister Tanya called me to get a family loved recipe.  I started talking to her about how we should start a family blog where we could post our favorite recipes so we have them to share.  I was also thinking that I should store my recipes online that way if anyone wanted a recipe of mine they could just go to my recipe book and print it off.  Excited about the thought, and not really wanting to do laundry I started a blog for my recipes.  Now this is not a food blog, nor will it be a fancy photo blog because I'm not a photographer, it is just my favorite recipes.  I will eventually add a picture of each recipe (if I remember to take one).  I'm not sure how to add a print link to each recipe so you can print it without all the extras but I'm working on it.  If anyone knows how please enlighten me.  As much as I would love to ignore my family and sit down and post every recipe I love I just can't.  So it will be slow going.  But if you know of a recipe of mine that you would like let me know and I'll post it.  Click on this link My Recipe Book or you can click on the third tab at the top of my blog just under the pigs that says My Recipe Book for a link to my recipe blog.  Check it out!!

September 24, 2010

Pigs? YA DO!!

So if you're wondering about my new header, well I came across this image of this pig and couldn't stop laughing.  I just had to figure out a way to use him so I copied him a couple of times added our names and there ya go.  Don't be surprised if you see my header changing a lot, because I've come across a whole bunch of images I'm just dying to use.  Like this one.

Daddy's little buddy

Jonah is a total daddy's boy.  If Josh is at home Jonah is right by his side.  Today Josh was outside talking on the phone and as he walked around Jonah held his hand and walked with him.  I wish I had captured it. 

September 23, 2010

Always late but worth the wait (I hope)

Sophia's choice (picture taken today)

I've noticed that every time I go to post and update to my blog I become easily sidetracked and end up doing anything but.  Maybe it's because I'm always posting the past instead of the present.  Take this morning for instance.  I sit down to post a much needed update and instead proceed to blog surf.  Then coming across Sara Douds blog I notice that she removed the side bars and I really love the way it looks.  I then proceed to fiddle with my settings and design wasting the morning away while my mountain of laundry patiently waits and my wild boys rule the roost.  All this and still no post.  So now I am forcing myself to post an update no matter what.  (Right when I finished writing that sentence I was beckoned by the wild boys.  Jonah had taken his diaper off and peed on the living room floor)  Okay so now that I've got that taken care of back to my update.

Jack's 1st day of preschool

We had a really enjoyable weekend.  Josh's parents were in town for our nephew Ryan's blessing.  Sunday we attended the blessing and then had a luncheon at Amanda and Jeremy's with the Coons and us few Slades.  It was a really nice day.  Then on Monday Gwen and Keith came up to SLC to hang out with us.  Jack has started preschool (mon., wed., & fri.) 
so after I picked him up from school, (and giving myself a motivational speech) I took him and Jonah to the zoo.  I decided to load them in the double stroller and see how long they would last.  I was so surprised at how well they behaved.  They didn't hit, scream or run away from me.  Even when it was time to leave.  They were so good I treated them to the train ride.  Jonah was soo funny.  He's really loud and very friendly, so the entire train ride he was waving to everyone and yelling ALL ABOARD! 
Lunch with my little angels at the zoo (did I really say angels?)

EKS & JKS (they don't make them better than this)

Later that same day we went to dinner at Red Lobster with Gma & Gpa Slade to celebrate Josh's new job.  Most of you already know but for those of you who don't Josh was hired on with the Salt Lake County Assessors office as a commercial appraiser.  We are really excited about his new job.  I am extremely excited about his new hours.  He'll be working for 10's so he'll have every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, and he can still do appraisal on the side as long as they aren't in SL County.

Jack at practice

Even later that day I took Jack to his first soccer practice.  He had so much fun and I had just as much fun watching him run around.  He cracked me up running around with his mouth wide open pretending to be a tiger.  He always lingered behind the group of kids chasing the ball, and what really killed me was when the ball would get cornered up against the wall and all the kids would be huddled together trying to get at it Jack would run up to the huddle and start to freak up against the group with his arms flying to the sides and his mouth open wide laughing, and looking to the side to see if everyone else was seeing how much fun he was having.  He was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a ball that all the other kids were after.  To him it was a dance party.  I loved how happy he was to play.  Not so sure if he'll be an great athlete,  but he sure knows how to have a good time.

Sophia's 1st day of 2nd grade
I'll leave you with this photo of Sophia on her 1st day of school.  It cracks me up because Jack jumped in on the action and I love how he's standing.  And yes he is four year's old and in a diaper.  Just so you all know he is potty and poop trained (finally) but I sneak a diaper on him in the middle of the night because he still wets the bed.  Not at all embarrassed to admit that I'm a lazy mom.
Oh yeah and tonight is our Friday night.  Yeah!  Josh will be home in an hour and Sophia and Jack both have tomorrow off from school.  Let the fun begin.

September 12, 2010

Sophia pierced her ears

Sophia has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while. She was going to do it last weekend but decided to wait. I wanted the decision to be hers so we left and she told me that this Saturday she wanted to do it. So with dad at an all day disc tournament (which he won 1st place at) I loaded up the boys and Sophia and we went to the South Town mall in Sandy. I locked the boys up in the double stroller and we headed straight to Claire's. She was nervous and cried when it happened but stopped right afterwards. The boys and her got a sucker when it was all over. I gave Jack my camera to document the occasion. He loves to take pictures and it keeps him occupied. Afterwards I took them to ride the train that runs through the lower level of the mall. It's great because it makes a complete circle around the mall so you go past all the stores and people have to move out of the way. Jonah waved to everyone like he was a celebrity. After the train ride they played at the Dino play area and then we topped the day off with some frozen yogurt. I'm always so terrified to go and do anything in public with the boys but it turned out to be a great outing.